Forja is a choreographic work that in the anteroom of the performance provides an intense sound experience. This set of sounds is presented as a kind of not visible scenographic construction, yet perceptible, which in a second instance will be inhabited by dance and, from there, it will gradually become more complex and aggravating. The presence of the dancer, who already attacks when the emotional mark is drawn, is an invitation to the public to go to an enigmatic place that grows in crescendo, in a tone of rapturous mystery, a ghostly air and a call to what could be called an unmentionable dimension, populated by unconventional cadences, jerky movements, sudden pulsations. A landscape that at times may seem like a psychological thriller or an inexplicable dream.
Direction / Choreography Marlyn Attie Musical Selection Ingmar Herrera Interpreter Marlyn Attie Lighting David Colindres, Joseph Walls Wardrobe Lital Btesh Duration 12 minutes

PRESENTATIONS: 1. Javier School, August 2015 - 2. MacroFest, Anita Villalaz Theater, April 2016 - 3. International Book Fair, La Huaca Theater, August 2016 - 4. MacroFest, El Arco Chato, April 2018 - 5. Women in Dance Leadership, Philadelphia, USA, October 2019