This piece takes advantage of the dialogue between dance and sound, to address the sublime moment in which the soul frees itself from the body in the transition to death. It is not a painful portrait, but a drawing full of shades that stages the ecstasy of the soul that leaves the inert body, in a poetic and luminous way.

El Umbral is an opening rehearsal to the manifestation of the anima's own movement, a possibility to probe deeply into the vital beyond the apparent limitations of death.
Direction / Choreography Marlyn Attie Original music Bontown Records Interpreters Emily Orillac, Marlyn Attie y José Leonardo Amaya Musicians Ingmar Herrera y David Caparó Lighting Jhon León Wardrobe Emily Orillac y Marlyn Attie Duration 20 minutes

PRESENTATIONS: 1. EDANCO Festival, Dominican Republic, September 2018 - 2. PRISMA, International Dance Festival, Panama October 2018 - 3. Festival Fragmentos 2020, Guayaquil Edición Online