Crush is an experiment in translating emotion into movement. The piece allows us to visit powerful, albeit ephemeral, reactions: passion, frustration, desire, fantasy, attachment, affection, shame, anger, and it conjugates them in a disorderly way, as they usually coexist. It addresses urgency, imminence, and guilt as deeply human manifestations of our ongoing need to meet others.

This piece displays almost compulsively the search to get closer, to connect. A piece that shows many pieces, and talks about the power of desire, its tensions, its overflows. Dialogue-tension-contamination between sound and movement universe, which gives way to images, spaces, and poetic multisensory activation.
Direction / Choreography Marlyn Attie Original music Ingmar Herrera Interpreters Analida Galindo, Livia Balazova, Sebastián Mendez, Sara Martin, Adrián Morales, Estefanía Dondi Musicians Ingmar Herrera, David Caparó, Eduardo Irving, Rodrigo Sánchez Lighting Joseph Walls, Bridget Chervenka Wardrobe Judy Attie, Isabelita Lewis, Marlyn Attie Set Design Femur Architecture Duration 47 minutes

PRESENTATIONS: 1. Xielo, home of Gramo Danse, July 2018 - 2. National Theater, Panama, December 2019