As a choreographer and director, Marlyn is characterized by a collaborative and experimental style, where performers, artists and professionals from other disciplines, contribute to the creative process, enriching it and expanding the possibilities of dance expression.

Since 2016 she has created original pieces, which have been presented in various settings, countries and festivals, and which reflect her creative and innovative concern, obtaining recognition and distinctions for them. As co-director of Fundación Espacio Creativo (FEC), she has received creation funds from institutions such as the Ministry of Culture of Panama, the Embassy of the United States in Panama, Iberescena, the Inter-American Development Bank, among others.
Her academic background in business from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, plus her Art studies at Sarah Lawrence College on its campus in Florence, Italy, and a recent certificate in Personal Leadership from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, have been complementary tools for her training as a dancer, that Marlyn has put at the service of the Panamanian artistic community.

Together with Analida Galindo, Marlyn co-directs the Fundación Espacio Creativo, a non-profit organization that since 2014 supports and promotes the work of local dancers and choreographers.

In addition, she stood out as a producer and interpreter in one of FEC's prominent projects, “The Butterflies Don't Live Here Anymore”, developed together with the Fernando Hurtado Company and the Friends of Yad Vashem organization, which has reached more than 35,000 viewers in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Miami.
As part of her commitment to the cultural, artistic and educational scene in Panama, Marlyn is Co-director and dance teacher of the Enlaces Program of Fundación Espacio Creativo (FEC), a preventive program for boys and girls from 9 to 18 years of age for the development of potential dancers in at risk communities.