This piece starts from an investigation on Sarigua and transports us to the desert, a space where historically opposite ends coexist and whose delirious temperatures suggest an aura of purification and redemption. Apparent stillness in an inhospitable and empty space, that invites you to lose yourself. The constant of the wind against the cracked soil and the few obstacles confuse our perception when passing through the filter of logic; so much strength should cause booming impulses, but nothing moves. A reflection of our unconscious, which moves with great force without our knowledge, and bursts into reality unexpectedly.

As we walk through the cracks in Sarigua, it is inevitable to go through our personal stories where there are also scars of what we were and are no longer, and of the relationships we had and lost. This land believed to be dead, vibrates at the same time with the potential of what could be, of what we can be.
Direction / Choreography Marlyn Attie Original music Ingmar Herrera Interpreters Emily Orillac and Adrián Morales Production Analida Galindo, Alegre Saporta and Marlyn Attie Video Editing and Direction Jonathan Harker Director of photography Raphael Salazar Wardrobe Lital Btesh, Marlyn Attie Cameras Aaron Bromley and Raphael Salazar Camera Assistants César Málaga, Dominik Remeika Duration 8 minutes

PRESENTATIONS: 1. Prisma Festival, BioMuseo, Panama, October 2019 - 2. TAE 2019 City of Knowledge, Panama, July 2019 - 3. Festival Fragmentos 2020, Guayaquil Online Edition