De a Coco is a choreographic investigation based on the audio registration of an eight-kilometer journey through Panama City, from the district of Santa Ana to Ancon Hill.

The staging shows the contrasts, moods and psychosocial temperatures that are revealed when traveling through the city. The city in question is re-created from the exploration provoked between sound and its encounter with movement. The choreography allows an in-depth analysis of urban complexity and/or a redesign of it. The spectator is invited to circulate along a well-known city, or to explore another one that may inhabit their memory, or -perhaps- a third city that could be born from their imagination in the state of encounters with still images that come to life.
Direction / Choreography Marlyn Attie Sound Ingmar Herrera Interpreters Ana María Suárez, Anastasia Linares, Stephanie Lee, Sara Martín, Adrián Morales Wardrobe Guillermo Montiel Set Design Johann Wolfschoon Duration 40 minutes

PRESENTATIONS: 1. Xielo, home of Gramo Danse, July 2018 - 2. INAC Tour 2018, Juan Demóstenes Arosemena Normal School, Santiago de Veraguas, May 2018